Thursday, 24 May 2012

Off to Paris tomorrow. See everyone in a week or so. xox!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Its finally summer in London! Not only is there 80 degree weather but Shawna is here to visit too. Today we went to the coast to eat ice-cream and sunbath. 

 Sleeping on the train to Brighton.
 the Brighton train station
 Brighton and the ocean! 

 We ate ice-cream and walked along the beach.

 We laid in the sun for hours and got sunburns. I almost forgot what the sun felt like!

 England's coast is made up of big smooth rocks like these...

We ate lunch and headed back to London so we could join Peg and the others for a BBQ on her rooftop.

 We ate burgers and drank wine

It was a great first day of having Shawna here. On Friday we go to Paris and then to Dublin. Its going to be an amazing week...

Monday, 21 May 2012

You're only as good as your camo

I stole Brittany's blog and filled it with important public service messages!

Unfortunately, I don't know the original locations of these excellent messages (I suppose you might not care, but this bothers me, as a person obsessed with proper referencing - right, Apple Britters?).  One of my researcher friends at the National Archives scanned and sent these to me.  It's possible to purchase a different set of campaign posters from the National Archives E-Store, but I'm not here to really promote that, I'm just offering some information to weird historical crap lovers ;)  Some of them are very funny!  If you want to see more random funny stuff found at the National Archives, you could check out my blog, but don't expect me to post as regularly as Brittany!  I have lots more silly stuff to post there, and someday I'll get around to it.  Hope you enjoyed the blog hijacking!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Here is what my great Saturday looked like:
 It started out with breakfast of course
I walked through Hyde Park on my way to work and there were baby birds everywhere! So cute!
 Ever wondered where I work? Probably not but here it is. A very charming Swedish furniture shop in Chelsea.

 After work I met up with Peg and all the others for Thierry's Birthday! I gave him wine and these disposable eyebrows. 
 Peg with her little friend, The Diana.
 A cute french boy. 

 Skittles go very well with wine and cheese.

 Matilda was there too and we danced to the Beach Boys and drank wine till the sun came up. 

We all went back to The Castle (aka Peg's house) and slept till noon. 
Good night shoes.
The next morning we went and had Brunch at the Breakfast Club. All and all it was a perfect Saturday.

Monday, 14 May 2012

I got a new teapot for my collection. Ain't she perty?!?!