Sunday, 12 August 2012

Me: I may try to work on my dissertation whilst at Nordic Style today

Jonathan: You should just get your customers to do it
"Tell me about this Norwegian Pine foot stool" they'll say
and you'll be like, "Only if you read this article comparing relevance studies and semiotics.

Jonathan:  and they'll be like "Okay, but then you have to try and sell me this teak table."
and you'll be like, "I don't think it's teak. It's particle board."
and so on.

Me:  Like bargaining! Trading if you will. I may need to blog everything you just said. It was the first smile I've had this AM.

Friday, 10 August 2012

How amazing are these wire sculptures by Ruth Asawa?!?! She was born in San Fransisco, studied to be an art teacher and became an artist instead. Her latest exhibit just passed, I'm so bummed I missed that one. 

All images from HERE

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Meet Billy! All he wants is attention and love. I went to Norfolk for the first time and all we did was hang out with Billy and eat food. It was a great weekend. 

 Cat cuddling
Some cute boy's eye

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

oh dear.    
Work has actually been fun lately because Philippa was hired. She just moved here from Australia. The other day we ate candy till we wanted to vomit and talked about Japan. She is planning on moving there soon and it sounds amazing! Did you know they have toilets where you can choose different functionality. For example, if you're a bit shy you can have the sound of running water. Or perhaps you're a smoker, no worries they provide an ash tray right by the lou! 
Welp, here she is. Is it creepy I made a gif of her? It may be but she is awesome and deserves to be in a continuous loop. I think.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Southwold - Part 1

I promised Becci that this post would be our 'mission' post. The one where we give each other assignments and then post them to our respective blogs. However, I failed miserably. That is why this is just part one. Anyway, I have been going to Suffolk a lot lately. To a tiny town by the ocean called Southwold. It's pretty fun. 

 I want to eat these buildings, because they look like candy.
 Some handsome guy looking at the pretty ocean.
 A double rainbow!
 Little ocean huts. and food.
Southwold from a window.