Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy Christmas

 Well, despite missing my family SO much I had a great time in Norfolk for Christmas. We took the first class train to Jonny's mom's house which is the best. Its a converted barn and there are chickens, and cute cats, clean air, peace and quite.

Jonny on the train

Brittany on the train.

Kelda and William.

We read, ate so much food, had dance parties, watched weird British comedies like Merida (who is the best, seriously watch her). 

Kelda is the best and the sweetest. 

My first time trying Stilton, an English Blue Cheese. 

Me being bored while Jonny Studies lines.


Goodbye Norfolk and Christmas, see you so soon. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

If I could only have these for Christmas

This bunny watch from ASOS.

These collars from COS. I saw this one on Niotillfem and REALLY want one.

This bunny night light. I saw it while reading the Metro on the Tube but forgot where its from. Maybe someone can find it for me? 

This print from Etsy.

This dress from Madewell.

This LL Bean wool sweater.

And this tote filled with pretty hardback books!

Girls, Ladies, Women

So, I've been going to the theatre a lot lately and I've realised a common theme from the shows I've seen. There are some really bad-ass ladies out there in the theatre world. 

Take for example Fiona Shaw. I only knew her from True Blood (you know, the witchy lady?)  I went and saw her in Scenes from an Execution and she was like, the woman I want to be at 50. Additionally, I saw her on my jog the other day, she was strolling a small child in a Pram (as they say here). 

I went and saw this last night and I just had the biggest girl crush on the entire cast - esp brown curly hair girl - I kept thinking, please hang out with me and why am I not that much of a B.A.? Maybe I like pink, fluffy, sweet, bow, things too much? Or maybe I just miss YOU Bex

Whatever the case may be, go to the theatre if you are in need of some feminist inspiration. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Paris, France through a Holga

I have to say, Im no camera genius. I took 2 rolls of film on my Holga and got 6 pictures. Kinda funny, really. Anyway, here they are! All six of em. Paris, France summer 2012. 

We all know her....El Bear.

Ooooo la la! Sky!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Contents of my Purse

Welp, I emptied my bag. Because Im really bored. And here is what lies inside. There is so much entertainment to be had! This book! 

Can you believe this is only £1.65?

And....I'm gonna watch this tonight. Cant wait.