Wednesday, 28 September 2011

While hanging around in the flat, I found the most interesting book.

"Lost London" apparently was a hit when first published and sold out right away. Here are a few photographs from inside.

The book continues showing buildings and areas of London before major architectural redevelopments of the 20th century. It illustrates a huge part of a historical past that disappeared when those buildings were destroyed.  My course lecture that day was about the history of documents and the ways we have organized those documents in the past. In a way, buildings can be a type of document, telling a lot about a certain culture or society. If only those buildings had had an architectural librarian of some sort!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

From Colorado, to DC, to London!

Before I went to London I stopped over to DC to see my brother. Here are a few pictures from that trip. Most of them are out of order, but oh well! You can still see we had fun, fun!

We discovered a certain drink called " Mind-Benders" they tasted just like Cherry Coke!

 Market Day! So much sun and delicious looking fruit!

Bye DC!

I hope this weekend I will get to see this movie...