Thursday, 21 June 2012

Paris: Part Two

Shawna and I got to see The Spits! They played a free festival and it was so great.
 The young, the hip, the French!

 Now we just start eating and don't stop:
 Creme Brulee,
 Coca-Cola Light,
 It really is beautiful...
The Louve!


Monday, 18 June 2012

Paris: Part One

Shawna and I went to Paris by bus. It took us 8 hours but we drove through the English country side to the coast, took a ferry across the ocean and saw Northern France, and finally made it to the center of Paris - all for £15!
 Ferry ridin'
 Paris! The view from our hotel.

 Drinkin' wine!
 That night we met up with some of the friends I made in London that have moved back to Paris. They took us all over the city.
 Virgie and Max
 Loll and Shawna
 Me and a French guy's name I can't remember...

 French Mojitos

 We wrote the address of our hotel on my arm so we could make it back home safely. It turned out to be a good idea.

 Me trying to act like Loll (mom this is strictly for preforming purposes)
 French Zombies. Goodnight first day in Paris! 

Monday, 11 June 2012


Im back from vacation. My Paris pictures are being held captive at the moment but here is the second half of our trip...Ireland! We drove along the coast, ending our journey in West Cork. 
To the ocean!

 Sea creatures.
 Ireland by boat, of course!

 Ten long years ago Shawna and I camped in this exact spot. 

We saw castles,
 and drove a lot,
 and went tree climbing.
 There were many cows.
 These are the Swantons.  This family took us in when we traveled in Ireland with no money. They are our dearest friends and we were so happy to see them again.
 Frank Swanton with his cider!
And Tricksy Bob Swanton. Tricksy Bob is blind. Here he is pretending to be Ray Charles.
Goodbye Ireland! I can't wait to come back and lounge in your sweet grasses once more...