Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Je veux un verre d'eau.

Lyon, France! I am finally posting my pictures from the trip I took months ago.

 Although I don't ski, the resort we spent time at was so cozy. There were sleigh rides, an arcade and even a cinema. 

 The gang! 
 The French Alps.
 The French Alps five minutes later.
 The French Alps ten minutes later. They are beautiful at all hours of the day.
 Besides cheese I ate these candies the whole trip until I felt sick. Haribo, c'est beau la vie!
 My first time crowd surfing.

 Peg crowd surfing.
 Peg and Lo Lo
 Our second night we set out to find a proper french mountain meal.
 and we decided on Raclette. The most amazing cheese experience I have ever had and one that is specific to the mountain regions of France.

 You get potatoes and cured meats to go with the Raclette
 The Raclette. Now you dine for hours. 

  After pitchers of wine and almost a full wheel of cheese this is all that was left. Needless to say I could not eat for days after this. 
 Old town, Lyon
We discovered an old fashion puppetier shop. There are puppet shows every few hours but we missed them. 

 I know I have shown this picture before but I really want Becci to see it. 
Goodbye Lyon, France. How wonderful you are.

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